dog walking

Dog Walking

What makes a happy dog? Exercise and positive attention! We believe that every dog wants to be walked each day. We also know that you may not have the time or energy to do it as often as you´d like. Why not hire a professional?

We will walk your dog for 30 minutes one or more times a day or week. Our walks are always on-leash, tailored to your dog´s energy and personality, and conducted with care. We walk your dog with another dog or two, or alone if you prefer, but we never walk large groups together. Our goal is to maintain an excellent record of keeping your pet safe and happy. We will be there, rain or shine.

We have many years of dog walking experience and it shows. We know how to react to loose dogs, traffic, other pedestrians, foxtails, and other unexpected circumstances that separate us from amateurs. The safety of your pet is our top priority!